Frequently Asked Questions regarding Hair Transplants

1. What are “grafts” and “micro-grafts” of hair follicular units?

A follicular unit is a natural group of hair roots. Individual follicular units are very small and grow in a disordered pattern.

With the techniques “Laser Way” uses, follicular units are usually preserved in their natural structure. This is important, as it benefits the maximum amount of hair, which contributes to achieving the most perfect and natural result possible.

A “micro-graft” is a graft with 1, 2, or 3 hair roots.

The ultimate goal of any transplant procedure is to give to the client a natural appearance, achieving an optimal density and a virtually indistinguishable result, but without compromising the donor area.

There are several techniques that can be effective, but it is the doctor’s responsibility to choose the best method to achieve the goal for each individual patient.

2. Am I a candidate for a hair transplant?

A free consultation with a specialist at the “Laser Way” clinic will provide you with information on the causes of hair loss and the available ways to treat it.

After the evaluation by our specialist, we will determine whether or not you are a candidate for the transplant. During the evaluation, your hair loss will be analyzed, your expectations will be discussed and possible alternatives will be put forward.

The factors that determine the candidacy for the transplant procedure include the number of grafts that are needed in order to provide the desired result, the existence and density of donor hair, the hair structure, and the possibility of hair loss in the future.

3. Can I have a hair transplant to cover signs from accidents or other causes?

Yes. Hair transplants can be very effective in covering visible scars caused as result of various accidental scalp injuries, including major burns and surgical interventions.

Modern transplant techniques make it possible for the doctor to place grafts before, after, and even over the scarred tissue itself.

However, enough donor hair is needed to cover the scars, so only your individual and free consultation at “Laser Way” can provide the answer if the hair transplant procedure can be the solution to your problem.

4. Have the results of hair transplant been confirmed?

Hair transplants have been successfully performed for over 40 years. Recent advances in the use of hair follicle unit grafts have substantially influenced the results of hair replacement interventions.

Transplanted hair looks just as natural as the rest of your hair, for the simple reason that it is hair that grows naturally.

One of the most important benefits of hair transplantation is the fact that the transplanted hair will grow throughout your life and will never fall out again.

5. Can I afford a hair transplant?

The question you really must ask is: Can you afford not to have a hair transplant?

Hair replacement today is more affordable than ever. After a detailed assessment of your hair problems and the discussion on your expectations, we will be able to give you a realistic estimate of the time and expense required to achieve your goal.

The only important thing that should be considered by every customer is to achieve the natural replacement and the desired density within the available budget.

A hair transplant is only worth it if it satisfies the client.

Although cost is an important factor and should always be considered, it should not be the only factor to influence your choice. Unlike other methods for treating hair loss, the cost of each transplant procedure is unique.

“Laser Way” clinic adapts the procedure and payment according to the circumstances and budget of each client.

6. How does the “Laser Way” differ from other clinics?

The doctors at “Laser Way” continue to be the pioneers for the most advanced micro-surgical techniques used for hair replacement.

Our medical staff with 25 years of experience, will help you achieve natural and aesthetically perfect results through the perfection of graft and micrograft preparation techniques.

By using the “Hair Plus” and “FIT” (Follicle Isolated Technique) techniques, there are achieved maximum results, the grafts are placed artistically in different angles and directions, so that the final result resembles perfectly with natural hair.

Each treatment plan is personalized as according to the needs of the individual.

Since hair transplants are permanent, your decision will last for a lifetime. Therefore, you must choose “Laser Way” clinic – the first in Albania to perform hair transplants.

7. At what age should I have a hair transplant?

Hair loss is a problem that persists throughout life. We would advise you to address this issue early, before it becomes apparent.

An early start enables the doctor performing your transplant to mask the work and allows the transplanted hair to grow gradually, unnoticed. There are no age limits (our patients range from 18 to 80 years old).

There is no need to wait until the hair loss is over, as there is a certain age when this happens. The doctors at “Laser Way” clinic calculate the hair loss that you will have in the future and prepare an intervention plan so that you look natural all the time.

If you have been waiting for the transplant through micro-surgery techniques to be perfected, this moment has already come. Once you are familiar with the extraordinary results that have been achieved by the staff at “Laser Way” clinic, your only regret will be “Why did you not do this procedure sooner”.

Start counting the new hair that grows instead of continuing to count the hair that falls out.

8. Will moving the hair from the donor area at the back of the head create an empty space?

The scalp is very elastic. Once a hair section is taken, it is enough to just to join both ends of the skin and sew.

The only visible evidence that will be left from the intervention is a thin line which is hidden under the hair that grows vertically on the back of the head.

9. Is there a method to curb or slow down hair loss?

Yes. There are methods through which the rate of weakening and loss of your hair can be stopped or slowed down.

At “Laser Way” clinic we practice the most advanced methods for the treatment of weakened hair and the treatment of hair loss – the professional laser for the regeneration of hair follicles.

After a detailed ANALYSIS of your hair which is performed in modern laboratories through the method “Capillure Test”, we can DIAGNOSE and identify the factors that cause hair loss and determine the potential need for essential micro-nutrients which affect having healthy hair.

Personalized THERAPY for each client is determined based on the results of the detailed analysis and the careful diagnosis and it includes replacement therapy with micro-nutrients tailored to the needs of the individual, as well as the use of the professional laser for oxygenation and regeneration of hair follicles.